This page is dedicated to getting the "Typing Master" keyboarding tutor program installed on LTSP servers.

  • The "Typing Master Intra" version is what is recommended to use. You can obtain the latest version from here:


  • After downloading tmintra.bin to the LTSP server, give the binary execute permissions and then launch setup (make sure you're in an X session):
sudo chmod +x tmintra.bin

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Now we must ensure the tmintra database server is started when the server boots/reboots, as this is not done by default.

  • Create a an init script (call it "typingmaster" or similar) with, say, the following:
# Created MM/DD/YYYY YourNameHere
# Starts TypingMaster Intra
cd /opt/tmintra/bin


NOTE: Change this script depending on your tmintra install directory.
  • Move it to the /etc/init.d directory, make it executable and update the init subsystem to start it with defaults during bootup:
sudo mv typingmaster /etc/init.d

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/typingmaster

sudo update-rc.d typingmaster defaults
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