This page is dedicated to fixing issues with LTSP/ALSA setting the default of the "Headphone Jack Sense' attribute while booting thin-clients. This issue causes some audio chipsets to default to not turning this feature on, which in turn doesn't allow the use of headphones. This is especially bad when you have a lab full of computers, as login/logout sounds come through internal speakers at high volumes, and/or other normal usage scenarios require headphones so lab techs/teachers don't go insane.

Chroot to the ltsp chroot and create a simple script:

sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
vim /etc/init.d/headphonejacksensefix.sh


# Created MM/DD/YYYY YourNameHere
# Fixes headphone-jack-sense bug in some audio chipsets for ltsp clients.

amixer set 'Headphone Jack Sense',0 on


Make the script executable, set the script to execute in default runlevels, exit the chroot environment and update the chroot image:

chmod +x /etc/init.d/headphonejacksensefix.sh
update-rc.d headphonejacksensefix.sh defaults 98
sudo ltsp-update-image

Reboot affected thin-clients after this is complete and you should now have the 'Headphone Jack Sense' functionality.

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